Vinyl is a special events and concerts company that started out in Cebu, Philippines but have made its way to Manila. What started as a crazy idea would soon become a full-time passion project within months.

We would like to think of ourselves as concert promoters but in reality, we are just music and entertainment lovers who want to produce shows. Music should be approachable and fans should be able to see their favourite artists easily. That is why our goal is to create concerts and events that connect the artists to their fans at a reasonable price. As we embark on this adventure, join us in this musical journey as we look to make a difference in the Philippines, one show at a time.

We have worked for XS, Hakkasan, Tryst, WetRepublic, Pure, Chateau and LAX. These venues continue to be the top grossing nightclubs in the world and we've been fortunate enough to have learned from the best and worked with the best. During our time working in these venues, we've done everything from event marketing and production, convention marketing, restaurant marketing, talent booking, and artist relations.

Besides promoting our own shows, Vinyl offers the following services:

  • International and Local talent booking
  • Event conceptualisation, execution and marketing
  • Event, nightclub and restaurant consulting and troubleshooting
  • Budget creation and management for events

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